In video-games development

2020/Now  Technical Game Designer


     Curently working on Time Splitters Rewind as a Technical Game Designer

2019/Now  Game Design / Programming Teacher


     Curently working as a Game Design / Programming Teacher at E-Artsup Bordeaux.

2018/2019  Game Designer, Gameplay Programmer, Level Designer trainee


    1 year Internship at The ArenHack Company.

    Undisclosed project :

        - Game design of the core gameplay  

        - C# Gameplay programming  

        - Blueprint and integration of Level Design


    Virtual Room scenario (Unity) :  

        - C# VR/Online Programming

2018/2019  Game Designer, Gameplay Programmer

    End of studies' project (Work in Progress).

    Way Down:

        - Game design of the core gameplay  

        - C# Gameplay/Tool programming

        - Integration

2017/2018  Game Designer, Gameplay Programmer    


    Personnal project (from Gamejam idea).

        - C# Gameplay programming / Core Gameplay design  

        - Nominated for the student category at the Indie Game Factory in 2018  

        - 2nd position at the Flat226 Gamejam+ contest.

2016/2019  Game Designer, Gameplay Programmer, Level Designer  


    Multiple school projects.  


        - Unity / Unreal Engine 4  

        - Multiple supports (PC / Android / VR)  

        - Project manager in a 4+ people team